Open Source

As a late-comer to the open-source community, 2013 marked the year that I am exposed to and captivated by the open-source culture. Here are the open-source projects I am involved in in 2013.

Generic SIMD intrinsics library

Why does SIMD intrinsics have to be non-portable? This open source library defines a set of generic SIMD intrinsics based on common C++ operators and allows one to write portable SIMD intrinsics codes.

V8 for PowerPC

This open-source project added the PowerPC backend to V8 (in the process of merging to the main branch of V8). For the first time, V8 runs on PowerPC.

R benchmarks

Any research community focusing on performance cannot thrive without a good set of benchmarks. The R community, with no lack of projects aiming at improving R performance, lacks good benchmarks. This open-source project intends to be the hub of good benchmarks and benchmarking for the R community.


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