Current Services

Past Services

  • PC member:[CGO’17][SPLASH’17][SNAPL’17][LCPC’17][ASPLOS’16 (ERC)][VEE’16][SC’15][PLDI’15][PPoPP’15][CCgrid’15][ASPLOS’15(ERC)][Grace Hoper celebration of Women in Computing Conference (GHC’14)][LCPC’14][DLS’14][TRANSACT’14][IPDPS’14][ICPE’14][PPoPP’13][ICPE’13][IPDPS’13][ASPLOS’12(ERC)][PPoPP’12(ERC)][APLAS’11][PLDI’11][PPoPP’10(ERC)][LCA-GPGPU’10][MULTIPROG’10][PPoPP’09][MULTIPROG’09][TRANSACT’08][LCPC’08][LCPC’07][ICS’07][LCPC’05][CGO’04]
  • General chair for CC’17.
  • IBM research Programing Languages and Software Engineering PIC seminar coordinator since Oct., 2013.
  • IBM Technical liaison for GigaScale Research Center (GSRC), 2010~2012.
  • IBM Representative for C/C++ language extension for Transactional Memory draft by IBM-Intel-Oracle, 2008 ~ 2010.
  • Workshop co-chair:[LCPC’16][Workshop on Programming Models for Vector/SIMD Processing’14][CASCON’08][CASCON’07][LCPC’06]
  • Tutorial on the CELL processor architecture and compilation techniques for PACT 2005
  • Tutorial & workshop chair for [PPoPP’15][CGO04]
  • Member of the IBM Watson Diversity Council, 2004.
  • Registration chair for [ICS’02]

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